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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding Senior Home Care or about our company?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! we will be more than happy to assist you!!

​1. Are your Caregivers screened, bonded and insured?

Yes, all our Caregivers must undergo a very thorough screening process before being assigned to our clients. They are all bonded, trained, screened and insured. We check 4-6 professional and 4-6 personal references, including 2 written references to be able to share with our future clients.

2. Are there a minimum number of hours that the caregiver must come?

Yes, even though our care plans are adjusted to the client’s needs and level of care, we require a minimum of 4 hours per day at least twice per week to guaranty the caregivers enough time to complete all the tasks needed for the care.

3. Do you try and arrange for the same caregiver to come each week?

this depends on the level and amount of care. We know that it is very important to be consistent with our Caregivers and the schedule is strictly designed and based on tthe client's personal preferences and needs.

4. Do you try to match the caregiver to the client’s needs? For example, it is important that the caregiver have a clear, audible voice.

It is very important to us that the client is happy with our services; before sending a Caregiver over to any of our client's house we like to schedule a "care assessment" (free of charge), where our Client Care Coordinator would sit down with you and your loved one to get to know you better, to talk about your needs, preferences and a level of care. Our team will then work closely to assign Caregiver that would best match our client’s personality, preferences and needs. When everything is finalized the same Client Care Coordinator will introduce the new Caregiver to the client.

5. What is your rate per hour?

Our rates and service depends on various factors: The level of care needs, as well as family budget. Please contact our team at Care on Call to help you with your decision making process as well as to give you a better idea of the cost. Care on Call is also proudly providing complementary assessment for all new clients, with no charge and no obligation.

6. Is the client locked into a specific time frame or can the client stop at any time?

There is no specific time frame for our services but we ask our clients to give us at least 7 days notice.

7. If the caregiver is sick, does the agency arrange for a substitute?

Yes, we recommend introducing a backup Caregiver to the family in case of sick days, holidays or emergencies. Our office staff is also no stranger to care giving, our office staff and caregivers work as a team to ensure our client's safety and well-being.

8. How soon can a caregiver be arranged?

We do not need any notice; If availability permits we can have a Caregiver ready at any given moment.  We respect and understand that some of the clients are not able to wait for our services.

9. Is WC Care on Call providing services only in client’s homes?

We support and help our clients in their homes, hospitals, care facilities or whatever place the client calls home. We promote and focus on maintaining client independence, dignity and well-being regardless of their living arrangement.

10. Are your services covered by the government?

West Coast Care on Call is a private company. Our team will work with our clients to get government funded care if applicable. There are many government based agencies and programs that are designed for those in need, we are able to advocate our clients on ways to apply and find out if they are eligible for extra funding and subsidy.

11. Is having a nurse better or more suitable option?

Depends on the client’s health condition and care needed. When it comes to changing dressing on deep wounds or injections then we might refer you to a nursing assistance that is available through some of our associates Nursing care can be high in cost and for majority of in-home care options unnecessary. Our Client Care Manager will honestly and in detail go over this option and explain to you thoroughly all pros and cons if it is a concern to you.

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