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Alzheimer / Dementia Home Care

Alzheimer / Dementia Care

This is a very unique and specialized field in our services. To care for persons with Alzheimer or any other type of dementia requires our Caregiver to posses certain personality, approach, knowledge, understanding and experience. Many of us have a tendency of thinking about our parents or loved one requiring care as a child. By thinking this way we run risk of treating them like a child. Our team knows well that even though a dementia patient might be retiring too early in terms of ability, they still have the spirit and soul that, if treated without dignity could be easily broken.

​24 hour Live-in Care

West Coast Care on Call specializes in providing 24 hour live-in care to our clients. Many of our clients require 24 hour live-in care due to not being able to safely remain at home on their own. With a bit of assistance and help it is possible for those individuals to age, heal, and recover in the place they love so much – home. Since 24 hour live-in care requires a lot of supervision and monitoring, we have a specialized team working on just those assignments, making sure the client's household is managed without disturbances and that the client remains in a clean and healthy environment. Our team is reporting to the client family and medical health authorities on a regular basis providing them with updates on the client’s health, well being and the household activities.

​​24 hour Live-in Care​
Overnight care for Elderly Senior Care

​Overnight Care​

Overnight Care is needed for those seniors/individuals that are struggling with issues such as: incontinence, risk of falling at night, feelings of insecurity, needing to use the bathroom or commode at night, re-positioning  While many of our clients have family caregivers helping them during the day, we can provide relief and support to those family caregivers so they can have a restful sleep during the night and are able to attend to their own life and responsibilities.​

Housekeeping services for elderly, Home Care

Housekeeping - Home Helper Services


 Home Helper services include all tasks and activities to efficiently run your household as well as to give you an extra set of hands in managing your day-to-day lifestyle. Our Caregiver who is selected for this particular shift must possess strong organizational skills and to be extremely good at managing their time to be able to complete all tasks.**Light housekeeping service does not include any heavy-duty cleaning tasks that require moving heavy furniture, washing windows, cleaning carpets, or scrubbing floors. Nor does it cover outside chores, such as shoveling snow off sidewalks, raking, or mowing the grass. Light housekeeping, as part of a homecare service, is offered and restricted to the client and those areas used by the client. Typically that means the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.**

​​24 hour Live-in Care,​ Senior Companionship


During our initial assessment, it is very important to find out from the client, their family, primary caregiver or health authorities what is important to them to improve social and physical activities. Many clients of ours may feel a bit lonely or depressed when losing a loved one, when family lives far away or if there are limitations such as loss of driver license, mobility or weather conditions. In those cases we are more than happy to present to our  clients the opportunity to use some of the companionship services we are offering.

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Home Helper Services​

Home Helper services include all tasks and activities to efficiently run your household as well as to give you an extra set of hands in managing your day-to-day lifestyle.

Personal care Services for Seniors, Elderly Care

Personal Care​

This service is offered to our clients that need full support or just require an extra set of hands with maintaining their daily personal hygiene and health. Our Caregivers who perform even a minimal amount of personal care must possess one of the certificates: RCA (Residential Care Attendant), Nursing Aid, RN or LPN. We are also proud to employ practicing or retired midwives that are proven to be one of the most gentle personal care assistants.

Meal Preparation for elderly, Senior Carfe Services at Home

​Meal Preparation

Caregiver whose responsibility includes meal preparation must be a good cook and be able to follow the recipes. Caregiver must also posses food safe certification. If some of our clients used to love cooking, we strongly recommend our team to involve the client in meal preparation tasks from consulting the client on what they would like to eat to perhaps preparing some of our client’s favourite family recipes.

hot-tub-guarantee copy-2.png

**If our clients are not satisfied with our first day of service, we won’t charge for that service or we repeat it at no cost depending on the type of service**

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